A sparrow, "dror" in Hebrew, with the word "Dror" written in ancient Hebrew script, and "Anduraru" (freedom) in Akkadian cuneiform.

Sparrow, "Dror" in Hebrew, which also means "freedom". Top: "Dror" in ancient Hebrew script. Bottom: "Anduraru" in Akkadian cuneiform.

The Hebrew word Dror, which means freedom and serves as my first name (among other things), is derived from the ancient Akkadian word Anduraru, which means setting a slave free.

I was born in 1975 in Tel Aviv, Israel. I studied Linguistics at the Tel Aviv University and also Arabic and Middle Eastern studies at Givat Haviva.

Webpages about Akkadian and Hebrew
Websites, blogs and other stuff about Middle Eastern issues
  • Middle-Easter Net – Tal Pavel’s multilingual site about Middle-Eastern issues (middleeast-internet-monitor.com)
  • Gadi Taub’s blog (gaditaub.com)
  • A Drive to Israel – The Egyptian writer Ali Salem describes his visit to the neighbors up north, “not out of love, but as a serious attempt to extricate myself from hatred

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  1. הי דרור, כתוב לי בבקשה טלפון שבו אפשר לשוחח

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